BIZ MODELS - Pricing

Our prices start with as less as 3 USD per hour and depend upon factors like the business model, skills involved, quantity of work, etc. – More the work, lesser the price!

We understand the importance of following up about the needs of clients in a precise manner to make sure everything is organized and clients are on top of their game. At MaxSource Private Limited, we are tailored to get fit with client’s demands and try to remain as flexible and supportive in terms of delivering projects on time as possible. We are focused to update our work always and consider clients’ review to make the work even better. Taking up challenges and fulfilling them with transparency and satisfaction is our motto.

Talking ahead in terms of business, here are a few ways we suggest we can collaborate – but we are always open to adapting your model too:

  1. Flat/Fixed Price Model
  2. Your Work Your Time (Hourly)
  3. Always At Your Service (Dedicated)
  4. White Label

1. Flat/Fixed Price Model

A well deserved work plan for fixed amount of work in agreement bounded with timeline. If you are new as an employer and want to experience it, you can try this model with MaxSource Private Limited. This model works on the principle “pay less for more work” and the work can be a combination of a variety of projects. We commit to deliver your project as per the delivery terms and abiding with the deadlines agreed!

2. Your Work Your Time (Hourly):

Compliment package for non specific work and time. We are trained to deliver work which needs action in urgency. All you have to do is just buy a fixed amount of hours per week and the skills needed for your job. We will be working on your tasks as and when you want us to, while sending the progress reports on a regular basis.

3. Always At Your Service (Dedicated):

This model can be used for hiring an employee who works remotely – for clients who need support on an everyday/regular basis. Using this model helps businesses save massively – on overheads, on salaries, employee management and training, office maintenance, etc.

MaxSource Private Limited assigns a project manager complimentarily who will be at service to bridge any gaps. Read more.

4. White Label

You can use our services as your services – we work under your label/business name. In other words, we work as your inhouse employees taking care of your clients and client work. Read more.