MaxSource Private Limited offers the most experienced and comprehensive team of email marketers, web designers, accountants, administrative assistants, SEO experts, ecommerce store managers, and customer service executives in the business.

We offer “wholesale” white label prices that our clients mark-up as per their wish. Our goal is to be your inhouse team!

We commit to stick to the level of involvement you would like us to be and communicate with your clients as you would like us to (using your name, email, CRM, etc.) to make sure your relations with your clients are maintained.

You need the right partners to make you successful as a Digital Marketing Agency, a Traditional Accountancy Firm, or a News Agency that not only drive revenue but also retain clients. We at MaxSource Private Limited understand that it is equally important to provide the level of customer service you would provide to your clients yourself in addition to providing good services to your clients.

For the same reasons, we will understand your client’s requirements and work in a way that will not only raise your profile, but your clients’ profiles too – we want to make sure you focus on the reason you got into your business in the first place. This shows our passion towards our work, and our dedication to making your client’s business successful.

We at MaxSource Private Limited have more than 7 years of experience assisting a broad variety of businesses remotely – we are not only skilled workers, but are also skilled to work entirely remotely and autonomously. Highly skilled computer engineers and accountants are hired, then trained to work under the supervision of project managers.

Maintain Your Brand Identity (as needed by you)

Through our white label services, we will use your identity (if you want us to) and work under your ownership and brand as if we are your team. It will be at your discrepancy, but we will be happy to use your email, CRM or any other tools needed in the business.

True Partnership

We have been helping businesses and agencies to grow by offering our services under a white label package.

We provide them with “wholesale” white label prices that they mark-up as they wish. They enjoy the collaboration so much they endorse more and more projects resulting in growth for both of the parties!

Client Retention and Expansion

Our work, responsiveness, and customer service are unmatched in this industry. We will work and communicate just like employees of your firm.

We understand this is essential for clients to stay longer term with us and aid in getting referrals too!